I brand your vision

Converting your strategy

Into a design experience


Great design comes with understanding customer needs



When there are only seconds to capture someones attention, only the strong survive. It’s my job to help new brands stand out in the marketplace and make successful brands even stronger – so they can continue to be best sellers.



A successful brand identity design relies on defining a clear ‘character’ which fully incorporates the marketing brief in terms of the ‘required perception’ and the ‘target audience’ as well as forming a crucial emotive link between the brand and it’s customers.



This is often the first touchpoint for your audience. It is your platform to show existing and potential clients what you do and how well you do it. I make sure that the experience is meaningful, user friendly and a true reflection of your brand.



Whether you need brochures, quality stationery or eye-catching advertising, I’ll will design and manage the production of your print products to leave you with collateral so stunning you almost won’t want give it away.

LVD’ Branding Journey

A Structured Process helps to manage our journey togheter

If I am  designing your new brand from scratch, rebranding or re-positioning it, you’ll need to start at stage 1 of our branding journey.

When some of the key elements of your brand are already in place, you might need to hop on at stage 2. I can help you decide.

If your brand is already estabilished and developed, you can go straight to stage 3 for day-to-day brand communications with me.


the work behind the identity



From the heart of Rome connected to the world

In the 20’s Trastevere women were proud to say that they never crossed the river Tevere that divides Trastevere by the Emperial Forum. Well, I’m happy to be connected and to collaborate with entrepreneurs and creatives from different countries in the world. My studio is in Palazzo Velli, an ancient palace that has been transformed into a polyfunctional space for exhibitions, conferences, seminars, presentations and initiatives in Rome.

In short, I name brands, position them, give them identities/personalities, and help develop what they do, identify who they do it for, and connect them with each other. I also write their stories, draw their pictures, design, photograph and illustrate all aspects of their look, create online tools to help track progress and do research and development of new ideas.

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